Lance Hardwood

Ultra White Treatment

Want a dramatically whiter smile? The Ultra White Treatment will do the trick.

The Ultra White Treatment is recommended for people with heavily stained teeth or want that little bit extra shade of white, leaving your teeth up to 14 shades lighter post treatment.

The Ultra White Treatment consists of 2 sittings, 1 week apart, which we allow 2 hours to complete each session.

At Teeth Whitening By Jess, we treat a diverse range of clients and will always work with each individual to ensure a premium service is received.

Our professional Senior Technicians will ensure you are comfortable in the convenience of your own space. Using only the highest quality of teeth whitening materials, we can deliver amazing results, we use the highest quality 6% Hydrogen Peroxide whilst protecting your gums using a gingival barrier.

What is included in the treatment?
– A free mobile service with our treatments
– Full consultation with one of our technician’s
– Complimentary take-home teeth whitening kit.
– Full aftercare procedure

Want to maintain that new white smile? 6 week top-ups are recommended to ensure your results are long lasting.

Solo $500
3 or more $400pp